Industries we service

As more companies look to outsource engineering services, they are demanding providers have experience in their industry and have the proven expertise to meet their unique needs.
Entire-Group builds value for clients through our deep industry expertise in a broad range of industries.

This expertise is honed from a more than a 16-year legacy of innovation and service excellence, and allows us to step into an array of engineering requirements and quickly improve quality, efficiency and lower costs – we don’t have to waste time learning the specialized environments of a particular industry.

Our ability to understand the unique operational, safety and regulatory framework that can impact various industry-specific facility requirements reduces your risk and gives you peace of mind when it comes to outsourcing your critical functions.

Rail Freight


Bogie Pins & Bushes • Centre Pivot Liners • Sidebearer Liners • Brakework • Drawgear Parts • Suspension Springs
• Friction Damping Parts • Pneumatics • Castings • Forgings • Wagon Conversion Parts • Manganese Wear Plates

Rail - Passenger


• Draught Screens • Magazine Racks •
• Coat Hooks • Grab Handles • Pelmets • • TV Surrounds • Footsteps • Carpet Edging Strips • Luggage Racks

Rail - Track Fittings


• Crank Bases • Cable Retainer Assemblies • Shims/Packing Pieces •
• Relay Panels

Road Transport


• Spiral Lock Lifting Decks • Sliding NoseBox Assemblies • Ratchet Lock Lifting Decks • Lifting Deck Pulleys

Renewable Power


• Plinths • Cubicle Trolleys • Gantrys
• Lifting Angles

Power Generation


• Hydraulic Ram Seals
• Ball Mill Loading Cylinders



Medical / Laboratory
• Probes • Strand Dies & Die Nozzles •
• Manifold and Port Blocks • Pelletiser and Outlet Shutes • Air Knife Nozzles

Waste Water


• Pump Pistons • Conrod and Big End Shells • Seal Clamping Rings • Pump Housings/Bodies



• Gas Analyser Probes • Bug Traps
• Heat Transfer Mount • Gas Sensor Housings



• Toilet Cubicle Systems

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